Best Humbucker Pickups

Most Pros agree that Tone Specific makes the best P.A.F. Humbucker Pickups. Anyone looking for the best tone for their Humbucker equipped guitar or the best replacement humbucker pickups should give these pickups a look. It’s not just pros that think these are amazing pickups. Take a look at the comment section at the bottomContinue reading “Best Humbucker Pickups”

1957 Jazzy Classic P.A.F. – Best Jazz Humbucker

Leonardo Amuedo is one of the top guitarists on these scene these days. He is an amazing composer and you should check him out at iTunes. How do the Pickups sound in this 335 copy? Do you have a set of 1957 Jazzy Humbuckers? If so, tell us how they sound in the comment sectionContinue reading “1957 Jazzy Classic P.A.F. – Best Jazz Humbucker”