Best Humbucker Pickups

Most Pros agree that Tone Specific makes the best P.A.F. Humbucker Pickups. Anyone looking for the best tone for their Humbucker equipped guitar or the best replacement humbucker pickups should give these pickups a look.

Register to win a FREE Set of the Best Humbucker Pickups.

You can easily register to win a free set of these pickups. These are the best Humbucker pickups made by Tone Specific. Many people say these pickups are even better than vintage pickups. The build process is extremely slow & precise. These pickups are made in the U.S.A. & their client list of professional guitarists is pretty impressive.

Following the instructions below:

  1. Watch the Video.
  2. Post a comment below in the comment section. Maybe let us know which guitar you’d like to upgrade.

We will announce a winner on 02/28/21. 

Let us know how these pickups sound & maybe tell us which guitar you’ll upgrade with these pickups.

The 57/61 P.A.F. Humbuckers are the Best Humbucker Pickups made by Tone Specific. So don’t miss this chance to register below to be entered to win a free set.

What are you waiting for? Watch the video below. The tone is just amazing.

For more information on these incredible 57/61 P.A.F. Humbucker by Tone Specific, please click this link:

Don’t forget to post a comment below to be entered to win a free set of the Best Humbucker Pickups ever made.

33 thoughts on “Best Humbucker Pickups

  1. You know I’ve tried a lot of different pickups pedals and woods and components for guitars over the last 40 years and these pickups sound more impressive than anything I’ve heard! I think these would probably be the most significant improvement you can make on a guitar.


  2. I have a prs mira with some pretty good buckers at least I think so. Dynamic variety is pretty plentiful. This however could always use a good ole fashion head cutting marathon where I in my own self important opinion be the judge jury and executioner of the winner of the better bucker in sonic resonance bracket and the the other can kick the bucket or they can get canned. This sounds like a exercise in senility. It just so happens I left the doctors with that script in hand. Just looking for the pharmacy to fill the other part of this scripted scene painted with a side of a bowl of steam. Kindly fill my script. The doc said take two buckers and replace your normal buckers and see what transcendence is like. It’s doctors orders description available with bucking the old prs without the o of course wouldn’t sell a bunch of pos if that o was present. So feel free to present me with the present buckers we are presently having this presumably positive outcome with the preconceived notion I will have my script filled please and thank your president and ceo for such pleasantries. Patiently I ponder it’s perfection with sonic proportions in progressive sound. I am sure plant and page will be in agreement about your hubucking perfection. P. S they will fit. The prs presumably.


  3. The neck has amazing clarity and the bridge has bite and balls. Love that spitty middle position too! I am really happy with my Les Pauls and other humbucker equipped guitars right now. However, these sound so good, I would have to buy that gold top ES-Les Paul I have been trying to talk myself out of, just so I can put a set of these into a worthy instrument. .


  4. Your pickups have “the sound”- warmth and clarity, midrange air and chunky bottom with a creamy top end…
    Exactly what I’ve been looking for.
    Hoping for the best, and thanks for the giveaway.


  5. Great sounding pick ups. None of that multiple note muddiness I seem to get from the stock pickups in my Traditional Faded. Been wanting to replace them, but theres so many different options, its hard to pick.


  6. Love how they sound in that Goldtop, would be great to stick a pair in my Les Paul Custom 68RI and let people hear the comparison!


  7. Excellent sounding pickups based on the several videos I watched. They would be a fantastic upgrade in my Edwards Pure Material singlecut.


  8. These Tone Specific 57/61 PAFs have the most range of any pickups I’ve ever heard. I’ll be dropping a set in my Gibson Les Paul r9.


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