Best Strat Pickups.

Most Pros agree that Tone Specific makes the best Stratocaster Pickups. Anyone looking for the best Tone for their Stratocaster or the Best Replacement Strat Pickups should give these pickups a look.

Register to win a FREE Set of the Best Stratocaster Pickups.

You can easily register to win a free set of the best Strat pickups from Tone Specific. Many people say these pickups are even better than vintage pickups. The build process is extremely slow & precise. These pickups are made in the U.S.A. & their client list of professional guitarists is pretty impressive.

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Watch the Video.
  2. Post a comment in the comment section. Maybe let us know which guitar you’d like to upgrade.

We will announce a winner on 02/28/21. 

Let us know how these pickups sound & maybe tell us which guitar you’ll upgrade with these pickups.

The 1965 Deluxe Set is the Best Set of Strat Pickups made by Tone Specific. So don’t miss this chance to register for a free set of the best Stratocaster Pickups ever made.

What are you waiting for? Watch the video below. The tone is just amazing.

For more information on these incredible 1965 Deluxe Strat Pickups please click this link:

Don’t forget to post a comment below to be entered to win a free set of the Strat Pickups ever made.

23 thoughts on “Best Strat Pickups.

  1. The set of 65 deluxe that are on my strat are mind blowing. I can’t even begin to exhaust the tonal capabilities available just with the volume knob alone on all positions. Opened up they sing incredible. I need a set of PAF’s to throw on a Gretsch Streamliner and make some major earth shattering improvements. Thank you for making the best pick ups I’ve ever played. (been at it for over 52 years)


  2. It’s definitely a dream of mine to be doing what he’s doing: the guitar skill and the tone. To personify the guitar in a way that transcends basic chord progression and melodies… to make an emotional and most important of all, human, expression that leaves an everlasting mark on the listener is something of legends. Something once in a life time, but something that stays with you for a life time– for both the musician and the audience. The tones of these pickups–that’s it. That’s the sound that leaves such an impact. The tones we love, the tones of the guitar gods, the tones that inspired us to play in the first place. I am beyond confident that if I had a set of these godlike pickups, I’d at least be 50% there to accomplishing this dream. The other half is definitely to get to that playing level… the skill reminiscent of the guitar titans we worship. I left a Youtube comment talking about these as well, because honestly, these pickups need to be heard. You will definitely always remember them for life, even though you are only listening to them through a demo. Now that’s tone.


  3. Amazing sound. I’d love to upgrade my classic 50’s strat. I’m hoping they would shine through the tube amp i’m trying to get for my 16th BD! Which, would line up perfectly with the (nearly) March announcement.


  4. They sound like my ultimate dream strat pickups. Perfect for my poor old tokai tst40 from the early eighties which is in the process of being given some badly needed love!


  5. Those 65 Deluxe Strat Pickups sound fantastic! I would really like to have a set of those in my upcoming custom build. I’ve got some rough cut 2″x8″ Western Red Cedar planks for the body that will likely resemble a Fender Parallel Universe and a Mighty Mite neck to go with it. Will these pickups make me play better? 😉


  6. Those sound fantastic! The combonation of the bridge middle had that great funk sound that I like. Almkst like being played through an envelope filter. The middle just ripped and the clarity is just there no matter what setting he was on.


  7. I know this is sacrilege, but I want those 65 pickups for my EJ Thinline. Would love to get them with a talent upgrade, too, so I can play as well as the guys in your videos.


  8. Just incredible wonder luthiers like Marchione use them.. I can’t afford a $10,000 guitar..these TS Pickups will be a huge upgrade for my USA Fender Strat.


  9. Great tone. Left a comment on YouTube as well. Having Mario Martin making me a custom Strat. I’d love to put these in.


      1. Gotta have a set of these….I think they might just be the pickups I have wanted through all of my 55+ years of playing. Maybe their sound will rejuvenate me and let me play another 55 years. I mean, folks are livin’ longer these days, right ?? That would make me a mere 124 years old by the time I cash in. I would even be your poster child (for free) if you think we can pull it off. 🤪 😎🎸


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