Best Tele Pickups.

Most Pros agree that Tone Specific makes the best Telecaster Pickups. Anyone looking for the best tone in their Telecaster or the Best Replacement Tele Pickups should give these pickups a look.

Register to win a FREE Set of the Best Telecaster Pickups.

You can easily register to win a free set of the best Tele pickups from Tone Specific. Many people say these pickups are even better than vintage pickups. The build process is extremely slow & precise. These pickups are made in the U.S.A. & their client list of professional guitarists is pretty impressive.

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Watch the Video.
  2. Post a comment in the comment section. Maybe let us know which guitar you’d like to upgrade.

We will announce a winner on 02/28/21. 

Let us know how these pickups sound & maybe tell us which guitar you’ll upgrade with these pickups.

The 1950 Deluxe Telecaster Pickups are the best Tele pickups made by Tone Specific. So don’t miss this chance to register for a free set of the best Telecaster Pickups ever made.

What are you waiting for? Watch the video below. The tone is just amazing.

For more information on these incredible 1950 Deluxe Tele Pickups please click this link:

Don’t forget to post a comment below to be entered to win a free set of the Tele Pickups ever made.

16 thoughts on “Best Tele Pickups.

  1. Putting these on my Player Tele. sound Amazing!!!! ill Change them out for the standard and would be the inspiration to finally join a band!


  2. Love the rich earthy tones on the delta blues slide segment. It’s just like hearing a genuine bluesman in a down-home Memphis roadhouse late on a Friday night in mid-July. Close your eyes – you can almost smell the catfish and crawfish cooking and taste those warm hush-puppies dipped in melted butter. Love that worn plank Tele body too. That’s as authentic as music gets, bros. I’d love to put that sound in my well-used 2003 Squire Tele Standard. Great neck, black body and white pickguard. The factory pups are still the weakest link.


    1. Nice observation. What’s crazy about this amazing guitarist is that he’s not playing to a backing track. It’s all him! Sound like a full band but it’s one guy, 200 year old piece of pine, 6 strings & the 1950 Deluxe Tele Pickups. Amazing!


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